Security & Surveillance

Cavus provides assistance and turn-key design to Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Construction Managers for a wide range of projects types and sizes incorporating video surveillance and access control. The scope can range from a municipal building to a school campus, or a major Hotel or Critical Infrastructure

We perform the initial design and clearly define the general scope and conceptual design objectives to meet the needs of the customer. As a trusted advisor, Cavus provides initial design schematics with unit costs to help scope your budget discussions.

In the Design Development stage we assist the Architect or Construction Manager with options for potential cost savings, choosing the appropriate technology and installation efficiency improvements while meeting the objectives of the Owner.

A&E Specification blocks are provided for rapid development of your Construction Documents for quoting, the bid process, or a turn-key design / build.

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Republic of Macedonia

Our engineers designed a national program for the Socialist Republic of Macedonia. We created a custom surveillance system, complemented with passport readers, CCTV cameras, fingerprint readers and installed them at 38 locations around the country. Each border location was fully modernized and the control center could communicate with them all. The multi-million dollar project, with partners from Crown International, Inc. and the Export-Import Bank of the United States, was carried out over several months and we received numerous accolades from the client.